Bee Rescue LLC
was established to create a company that focuses on being a clear alternative to bee extermination and to set itself apart as a “Live Removal Only” company. We have been specializing in Bee Removal services since 2003, and became an early adopter of non-lethal bee removal and hive relocation.


When the terrible news about the shortage of bees and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) hit the front pages, we were already delivering bees to beekeepers, but were also exterminating Africanized bee hives rather than removing them alive. Since the CCD scare, we decided to stop ALL bee extermination activity, and went through great efforts to find beekeepers that were willing to accept the more aggressive Africanized honey bee hives. Our beekeepers can “re-queen” a hive with a docile European honey bee queen, which produces friendly offspring once the new brood cycle is complete. Bee Rescue is extremely thankful for these beekeepers that are willing to save even the most high-tempered honey bees.

In addition to having the best quality services and highest customer service, our goal is to spread a sensible attitude towards honey bees and to help enable other companies learn live bee removal so they can switch from detrimental bee extermination services. We hope that by doing so, we can reverse the effects of CCD by repopulating beekeepers’ apiaries.